Zoe Lyons, founder of Wildblend

As an Iranian-looking half Greek half Austrian who migrated to Australia to live and work here with my Australian husband, I'm a cultural chameleon. My mixed background is probably one of the main reasons why I feel most comfortable when I'm on the road working remotely. I've lived and worked in Europe, Australia, China and the US over the last 5 years.

What I do

  • As of now, I am based on the Gold Coast, Australia where I create cookbooks for PaleoHacks. I also produce content, create recipes, and take pictures for my personal brand - Wildblend.co. My work as a recipe developer and nutritional writer has taught me that more and more people realize that what we put in our bodies has a direct effect on our health but also on our success and happiness in life. I love to dig deep and find out everything there is to know about foods, ancestral diets, supplements, and training methods.

  • Apart from travelling my life is pretty much dedicated to health and fitness; I'm a Paleo eater, crossfitter, health nut and lover of all things untamed and natural. In the last year, I taught myself the advantages of a Paleo/Bulletproof lifestyle and ketogenic diet, the foundations of food photography, social media marketing and how to become a health food and fitness blogger. Let´s get in touch!

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