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Pink Coconut Caramel Bars

· I coconut stop eating ·

Inspired by my favourite childhood treat, these coconut caramel bars are a pink version of my blue Mermaid Bounty Bars. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have a thing for unicorn-coloured Bounty Bars. Like I said, Bounty was hands down my favourite candy growing up and these knock-off bars prove that…

Sleepytime Lavender and Magnesium Lotion Bars

· Sweet dreams are made of this ·

Magnesium Lotion Bars

Can’t sleep? Sore muscles? Dry skin? These Magnesium Lotion Bars are a cure-all. Nourishing cacao butter, shea, and jojoba oil moisturize and pamper your skin while magnesium chloride relaxes your tired muscles. Massage your aching muscles before bedtime for a restful sleep. These bars will literally melt on your skin and leave your skin feeling…

Make Your Own DIY Toxin-Free House Cleaner

· Bye bye nasty chemicals ·

Toxin Free House Cleaner

Trying to be waste-free has many beneficial side effects. You’ll create less waste, save money, become a more conscious consumer and steer clear from harmful chemicals hiding in conventional cleaning products. This homemade toxin-free house cleaner will make your kitchen and bathroom shine–all without harmful chemicals.   Most store-bought cleaning products (especially spray bottles) contain…

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

· Chocolate is always the answer ·

This soft and moist banana bread will satisfy ALL your chocolate cake cravings while keeping it much healthier! Made with tigernut flour, raw cacao powder and dairy-free chocolate chips, it’s Paleo, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and packed with lots of healthy fiber. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of all-things chocolate and banana. So, this…