Why Everyone Should Try A Toxin-Free Facial

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March 27, 2017 0 Comments

If you're reading this, then you're probably checking labels before buying packaged foods. Most of us avoid heavily processed and chemical laden products that are riddled with synthetic ingredients because it’s widely recognized that these foods are bad for our health.

But do you also check the ingredients of your skincare? And even if you do, can you make sense of the information contained on a cosmetic ingredient list? Deciphering an ingredient list isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a background in cosmetic science.

Which nasties are hiding in your beauty products?

I was oblivious to the toxic ingredients that were hiding in my skincare products up until a couple years ago, when I started cleaning up my diet. My ‘clean eating’ journey lead me to discovering other aspects of health. I quickly learnt that true and complete health is achieved my finding balance in all aspects of our lives. I started researching about clean skincare and ended up throwing 90% of my beauty and makeup products in the bin.

Toxin-Free Facial

What does my personal toxin-free skin routine look like?

Since then, I’m trying to leave my skin alone – for the most part – and pamper it when necessary with nourishing oils, hydrating mists and natural essences. When I discovered Natalie, I was immediately fascinated by her natural approach to skincare and extensive knowledge about all things toxin free. KINDRED TOXIN FREE takes facials to the next level. Natalie has created rituals that go beyond traditional beauty.

Toxin-Free Facial

What is a toxin-free facial?

Natalie’s 60-minutes glow rituals include:

+ either diamond head microdermabrasion or enzyme therapy
+ rose quartz facial massage
+ grounding meditation
+ energy clearing and crystal mist
+ smudging
+ arm, hand, face, shoulder and scalp massage
+ superfood chocolate and kombucha shot in the end
+ time to de-stress and re-focus

You’ll walk out of Natalie’s studio with glowing skin and a radiant heart.

Toxin-Free Facial

I’m not surprised, that STYLE Magazine voted Kindred Toxin Free as one of the best facials in Brisbane.

From the Cacao & Banana face glow mask (that you can literally eat) to the cooling and calming rose quartz facial wand and the handmade LOCO LOVE chocolates to compliment your pamper session – IT’S PURE BLISS!

Be kind to yourself and book yourself some TLC with Nat. I’ve got a sneaky discount code for you.

PUT ‘WILDBLEND20‘ in the comment section when you order and receive $20 off your first treatment (micro or facial)!!

Use ‘WB10off‘ for any purchase of $100 or more in Natalie’s online shop. My personal favourites are this Emerald Elixier and this vegan organic 24k Gold Beauty Balm. You can read more about these products here.

Book in at www.kindredtoxinfreefacials.com.au

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